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Terms and Conditions

PDCA-MC rules for using the website apply to all visitors and users. PDCA-MC May stop and / or prevent and / or terminate the use of the site in the event of a violation by one of the users, or if there is reason to believe that a user has violated the rules violated the terms and conditions of use.


  • Access to data that is not intended to be provided to the user or logging into a server or account is not authorized for the user to access it.
  • Try to perform a test or survey or examination of the possibility of injury to the weaknesses in the company’s website.
  • Attempt to interfere with the service provided to any user, host or network , including , for example, but not limited to , by a virus on the website mode, or overload it or overwhelmed , or send promotional messages to it , or electronic messages or destroying it.
  • Send e-mails undesirable to the website , including publicity operations , and / or advertising for products or services, or falsification of any address to pack dispatch control protocol / Internet protocol or any part of the header information in any email .
  • Use PDCA-MC website in any way to send e-mail or any matters from him or on his behalf, or by reference to him or spoof named or described involving the abuse or defamation of PDCA-MC website or by any person or the announcement of the news or incorrect information, and attributed to the company unjustly.