Organizational Excellence Award

What is The Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award?

It is an award was launched by the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ADCCI) back in 1999 as a blue print, aroadmap and a methodology for continuous improvement aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of the Business Sector in Abu Dhabi and the UAE.

What are the benefits of Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award?

  • Provision of systematic approaches aimed at people development via training & education.
  • Encourage Process management and continuous improvement practices aimed at higher efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.
  • Raising the awareness levels of the business community in relation to all matters pertaining to Quality and Business Excellence principle and practices.
  • Development of “Excellence Ambassadors” who are capable to widely spread the message right across the business community.

How We Can Help you ?

  • Development work methodologies according to the award requirements.
  • Capacity building for all concerned and Knowledge transfer for effective deployment.
  • Provide support and guidance during the implementation
  • Evaluate the deployment of methodologies and identify areas for improvement and lessons learned.
  • Amend methodologies according to the outputs of the evaluation phase.