Organizational Excellence

What is The RADAR  Methodology ?

RADAR  Methodology is a non-prescriptive business excellence framework for
organizational management systems, promoted by EFQM(formerly known as the European Foundation for Quality Management) and designed for helping organizations in their drive towards being more competitive.

What are the benefits of RADAR  Methodology ?

  • Helping organizations move towards excellence
  • Provide a common language to enable the exchange of ideas and information, both inside and outside the organization.
  • Include current and planned activities, leading to improved efficiency and effectiveness of organizations.
  • Provide a basic structure for the organization management system.

How We Can Help you ?

  • Training leaders & managers to use the Model to drive improvement in their own organizations and spot what’s really making a difference in others.
  • Assessing organizations using peer to peer reviews to understand what’s behind their success and where they need to focus their improvement efforts.
  • Recognizing leading organizations and the good practices they have developed that set them apart from the pack.
  • Sharing the good practices we have identified through peer to peer assessments so others can learn and improve.