Human Resource

What is Performance Management?

It is a systematic process for improving the overall business performance, where it includes; planning work and setting expectations, continually coaching organizational units’ performance in order to improve the performance and to develop the units’ capacity to perform, periodically rating performance, and reinforcing good performance.

What are the benefits of Performance Management?

  • Allows you to align organizational activities and processes to the goals of the organization.
  • Allows organization to focus on that results that would like to achieve.
  • Optimizes operations in the organization because goals and results are more closely aligned.
  • Monitors organizational performance and helps improve performance by directing all efforts and attention toward achieving better results.
  • Helps provide valuable feedback on the organizational units’ current
    performance and achievements.

How We Can Help you ?

  • Develop Performance Management Frameworks including, policies, procedures and related forms.
  • Support the organization in implementing performance management framework.
  • Support the organization in developing work objectives, setting performance objectives, targets, and performance measurement (KPIs).
  • Support the organization in formulating and implementing proper strategies to reward the good performance and enhance the poor performance.