Human Resource

What is Pay Structure & Compensation Manual?

Pay Structure defines the different levels of pay for jobs or groups of jobs by reference to their relative importance to the organization, it consists of a sequence or hierarchy of grades or levels based on job evaluation results.

What are the benefits of Pay Structure & Compensation Manual?

  • Provides the organization with guidance and momentum in recruiting and examining applicant for employment and using a competency model.
  • Enables the organization to determine possible and prospective lines of promotion and assist in developing employee training programs.
  • Enable the organization to determine salaries to be paid for various types of work based on the job evaluation results and other considerations.
  • Provide equitable and competitive compensation packages to attract, keep and retain high qualified people.
  • Reduces turnover and encourages loyalty.
  • Enable the organization to provide scope for pay progression in accordance with performance, competence, contribution or service.

How We Can Help you ?

  • Support you in the conducting Job evaluation and developing full compensation systems that are equitable, motivated, competitive, matching your strategy through conducting salaries reviews, conducting salaries surveys, developing salary structure, developing incentives and bonus schemes, in addition to develop compensation
    manuals including administrative polices and procedures.
  • Support you to develop transition plan to implement the new salary scale and pay structure and mange change process.
  • Provide you with consultation and guidance on the financial impact of the compensation systems.