Human Resource

What is Job Description?

It is a formal written document of a specific job in the organization that includes the purpose, duties & responsibilities, working condition, organizational relationships, needed competencies and job requirements.

What are the benefits of Job Description?

  • Enables the organization to recruit the right people at the right place.
  • Provides clear description of the assigned roles and responsibilities for each job.
  • Enables the organization to analyze, understand and structure all jobs and ensure necessary activities, duties and responsibilities are covered by one job or another.
  • Enables the organization to determine compensation and other rewards based on a well and logically structured grading system.
  • Ensures that new employees have a better understanding of job expectations with detailed Job Description.
  • Supports identifying training and development needs.
  • Enables the organization to manage the employees’ performance.

How We Can Help you ?

  • Conducting Gap Analysis .
  • Awareness Training of the system
  • Prepare Policies And Procedures Manual.
  • Implementation Support
  • Assess (Internal Audit Schedule & Reports )
  • Prepare Corrective Actions Plan
  • Manage Management Review Minute of Meeting
  • Prepare Improvement Action Plan.
  • External Audit Support