Human Resource

What are Emiratization Studies?

Researches and Studies pertaining to employment of UAE citizens in a the government and private sectors.

What are the benefits of Emiratization Studies?

  • Enables the organization to determine Emiratization employment rate across the organization.
  • Provides the organization with an overview of Emiratization employment status at all jobs categories within the organization.
  • Helps the organization to comply with all government regulations and decisions.
  • Enables the organization to prepare efficient Emiratization Plan through using the research and studies as inputs to draft the plan.
  • Helps the organization to overcome all challenges and constraints pertaining to deployment of Emiratization plan.

How We Can Help you ?

  • Support you in the preparation of Emiratization studies and researches.
  • Provide you with an overview of the Emiratization employment status at your organization.
  • Support you in the development and implementation of Emiratization plan and monitor the progress.
  • Support you in identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement in relation to Emiratization plan.
  • Provide you with consultation and guidance to comply with all the government regulations and decisions related to Emiratization.
  • Support you in the development of work strategies to overcome all challenges related to Emiratization.