Organizational Excellence Award

What is The Dubai Government Excellence Program?

Dubai Government Excellence program is the first integrated program of government excellence in the world, to be a driving force for the development of the government sector in Dubai and enable it to provide excellent services to all its clients and beneficiaries of its services.

What are the benefits of Dubai Government Excellence Program?

  • The development of the government sector and raise the level of performance by providing motivational working conditions to promote constructive cooperation
  • Support development programs in the departments, government agencies.
  • Spread awareness in the concepts of excellence, creativity and quality.

How We Can Help you ?

  • Development work methodologies according to the award requirements.
  • Capacity building for all concerned and Knowledge transfer for effective deployment.
  • Provide support and guidance during the implementation phase.
  • Evaluate the deployment of methodologies and identify areas for improvement and lessons learned.
  • Amend methodologies according to the outputs of the evaluation phase.