Strategic Planning

What is Corporate Performance Management ?

Corporate performance management system is a system which sets standards which will allow assessment of the institution’s performance with respect to strategic outcomes and processes required which enables the concerned organization’s performance under the direction towards the goals.

What are the benefits of Corporate Performance Management ?

  • Improve monitoring and evaluation results-oriented, which ultimately leads to the development of better policies and programs and raise the level of learning and institutional responsibility.
  • A clear, orderly and flexible approach to measure progress towards achieving its strategic goals.
  • Effective link between inputs, processes, outputs and outcomes; and this translates to more efficient use of the allocation of resources to get out the results that have a profound impact on the performance .
  • Keep warning against any deviation from the targets .

How We Can Help you ?

  • Develop a corporate framework for performance management.
  • Design and determine the standards and performance targets.
  • Create a process measurement model.
  • Collection and unification of corporate performance data.
  • Validation and analysis of corporate performance data.
  • The development of processes and the analysis of corporate performance report models.