Customers Service

What is the Service Capacity Analysis?

A systematic study , which enables customer service centers to forecast the demand for services and enhancement the capacity of these centers to meet the future needs of services.

What are the benefits of Service Capacity Analysis?

  • Determine the actual needs of human resources quality and quantity in the short and long term.
  • Rationalize the use of human resources and reduce waste of untapped capacity available through the identification of deficits and surpluses in human resources.
  • Contribute to more effective use of human resources and productivity enhancement.
  • Help to overcome the resulting unforeseen need for change in the volume of services, and allow sufficient time to take preventive decisions on the optimal number of staff to provide services and predict future needs of human resources.

How We Can Help you ?

  • Preparation work capacity analysis guide and assess the demand for the services.
  • Perform Data analysis for estimating the demand for services.
  • Conducting a holistic study of the services in the centers include the identification of current capacity, forecast future volume of services and propose recommendations to ensure the capacity agree with the size of the expected services, taking into account the employee productivity and the seasonality of demand for services.