Management Systems

What is ISO 22000  Food Safety Management?

ISO 22000 is an international standard that defines the requirements of a food safety management system covering all organizations in the food chain from “farm to fork”.

What are the benefits of ISO 22000  Food Safety Management?

  • Introduce internationally recognized processes to your business.
  • Give suppliers and stakeholders confidence in your hazard controls.
  • Put these hazard controls in place across your supply chain.
  • Introduce transparency around accountability and responsibilities.
  • Continually improve and update your systems so it stays effective .

How We Can Help you ?

  • Conducting Gap Analysis .
  • Awareness Training of the system
  • Prepare Policies And Procedures Manual.
  • Implementation Support
  • Assess (Internal Audit Schedule & Reports )
  • Prepare Corrective Actions Plan
  • Manage Management Review Minute of Meeting
  • Prepare Improvement Action Plan.
  • External Audit Support